It’s a magical spot in south of France, close to Montpellier, south west of the Gard, and a wonderful canyon. It reminds me Zyon, or Big Bend… with a strong raging river of mountain, with very cold pure water and… so old stones bridges and watermills. A forgotten small village, like a ghost one, no souls here…. And in this rainy winter, I’m hiking hours in nature, totally lonely. I just saw some birds, I only heard wind, rain and river. I had time to kill while my son was at the party of his best friend, just 18, and roommate in his high school. I enjoyed my lonelyness, I enjoyed the nature and my freedom. I loved this challenge to hike the loop all around this natural treasure. Laisse les bons temps rouler, oublie tout, et marche... au cirque de Navacelles...